Scott Barley

Filmmaker & Fine Artist
Scott Barley is an artist and filmmaker living in Newport, South Wales, UK.

Scott studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Howard Gardens, where he focused on themes of existential angst, self-sabotage, isolation and metaphysics within nature. Based on the unknowing of man and the harshness of nature, he exhibited an interactive film installation, incorporating living room furniture and insects, where he was voted as one of the 25 great upcoming young artists in England and Wales in 2012.

Since then, Scott has focussed on filmmaking; further exploring themes of existentialism and metaphysics, with dark and lyrical avant-garde shorts, including Retirement (2013), Irresolute (2013) and Nightwalk (2013).

He is currently working on several collaborative projects, including an avant-garde horror film with the Remodernist film founder Jesse Richards, multimedia artist, Cassandra Sechler, and the experimental filmmakers, Salem Kapsaski, and Christopher Marsh. He is studying for a degree in Film & Video, at The University of South Wales, Newport. 

Awards / Exhibitions
Norman Rawlings Award for Art & Design, 2011
WJEC National Exhibition, 2012
Top 25 young artists in England & Wales, 2012 - Howard Gardens
Cruel Nature, 2012, Cardiff School of Art & Design Exhibition, 2012
UK-wide film installation 'Untitled' exhibition, 2012-2013
Senses of Cinema World 2013 Poll - Irresolute
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